OriginOffer’s services is friendly for all types of importers.

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During the past 5 years, our agents have assisted hundreds of overseas buyers to grow their business.

More importantly, OriginOffer only offers genuine and original items.

How Do We Charge?

Based on different order amount, we will take 5% ~8% of total order amount as our service charges. However, it is negotibale if you already have preferred suppliers and just want us to follow up your orders. You can also choose to ask us to send you a quote which includes all of our service charges and make the quotes more simple and transparent.

Order amount


Less than $1,000

$ 0 00







More than $30,000


How does OriginOffer work for you?

OriginOffer do Buyer do
Pre-order Sources manufacturers

Undertakes supplier evaluations

Obtains and collates quotations

Provides sample confirmation
Receive information, conclude and make payments
Follow up order Fulfills all customer’s requirements as agreed

Provides updates to buyers via photos and videos

Undertakes quality inspections

Ensures clear labeling and safe packaging

Provides estimated delivery time

Offers warehouse storage
Check update give advice or further instructions
Delivery Arrange shipment

Send shipment waybill to the buyer

Offers after-sale services
Track and collect goods

If you need extra services, feel free to contact us by info@originoffer.com

All the import service, you can get from OriginOffer.

Traditional Method

Do all the sourcing jobs by yourself.

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Couldn’t get good suppliers
Difficult to verify a supplier
Difficult to mange different suppliers
Difficult to communicate with suppliers and face language barriers
With OriginOffer

Focus on most important jobs only.

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Getting selected suppliers from massive options
only transacting with genuine and qualified suppliers
OriginOffer coordinates all processes
until delivery with different suppliers.
Offers services with a team speaking fluent English. Easy communication with timely order updates provided to buyers.

Do you want to import from China easily and safely?

Leave a message below and we will contact you in 8 hours. Let OriginOffer grow your business to next level. 150+ customers have expanded their business with OriginOffer.

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