China is one of the biggest  manufacturing nations. We have the most comprehensive product range in the manufacturing industry. Numerous overseas buyers come to China to import products, while some others place their orders online from their Chinese suppliers. Sometimes, we hear complains that the quality of “Made in China” items is not good. Well, is this true?

As we all know that China supplies products all over the world. Therefore, most of our commodities comply with North American and European standards. Also, some established brands located worldwide have their merchandise manufactured in China.
Then why do some consumers complain that the items they have purchased that have been manufactured in China won’t last?

Most items are graded between Grade A to Grade C.

Products manufactured with Grade A quality are better than Grade C and are priced higher, when compared with Grade C quality. When one is comparing prices of products between different suppliers, it makes sense to compare products categorized in the same grade.

The manufacturing business in most countries is getting more competitive than before. This is also the case in China. Some manufacturers/importers compromise on quality, in order to reduce their production costs and offer products at lower prices than competitors. This has resulted in end consumers not receiving good quality products.

Quality Standard
What is the solution?

The Chinese government has taken swift action and undertaken measures to punish unlicensed and unqualified workshops and manufacturing units, and those producing fake or counterfeit items. The Custom & Business Supervision Department is enforcing more strict rules and implementing a verification system to control the quality of manufactured products.
Here are some tips to purchase the best quality products:
Investigate your supplier before making transactions.
Arrange inspection before delivery, if necessary.
Make sure to check the quality of products if they are priced very competitively. Generally, you get what you pay for!

It’s not fair to say that all “Made in China” items are not good. On the other hand, we can’t say that all Chinese suppliers/goods are top-class. What can now be seen is that the Chinese government and manufacturers in China are taking actions to improve and enhance our supply and service levels.

If you require further information in relation to purchasing products in China, feel free to contact our team.

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